NOYA sauce can be used as a like for like substitute for regular Soy Sauce. Our Noya Sauce is a plant based sustainable version of the popular condiment. Noya Sauce is organic, Soy free, gluten free and we use Scottish Seaweed rather than soya.

Noya Sauce is sweet and savory, with a slight salty flavor in-between dark and light soya sauce. This sauce allows you to taste the umami which gives all foods you add it to, a unique and improved flavor. Noya Sauce is versatile and tasty. It can be used as a marinade, as an addition to stir-fry. You can use it to flavour white or brown rice. When making Okonomiyaki, season the toppings with Noya Sauce to bring out the flavors of all your toppings.

Salad Dressings made with Noya Sauce and toasted sesame oil are especially good but you can use any other salad dressing oil too.

When you are sautéing your vegetables or greens, add a splash of Noya Sauce and taste the difference.

Start by adding a little at a time and then finish off with Noya sauce after cooking too, When you use Noya Sauce as a glazing or basting Sauce, your food will remain juicy and not dry out.

A marinade mixed with herbs and spices would work just as well with Noya Sauce. Noya Sauce is also the perfect dipping sauce for sushi. You could dip vegetables, cheese or even bread. For those who can’t get enough, you could even make quirky ice creams or desserts. You can substitute the light or dark Soya Sauce in your recipes with the all new Noya Sauce. It is best to store it in the fridge after opening.

Yes we can claim to have invented the World’s first Soya Sauce Alternative from Scottish seaweed!


Salt substitute
Stir Fry
Umami spreads
Roasted nuts
Dipping sauces
Ice Creams
Roasted vegetables
Salad Dressings