A traditional oyster sauce contains oyster extract, soya, wheat, and a handful of preservatives. It’s used in many different Asian dishes, and it’s praised for its robust umami flavor profile. We found a healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable way to enjoy the delicious flavor of oyster sauce.

NOYSTER sauce can be used as a like for like substitute for regular Oyster Sauce. Our Noyster Sauce is a plant based sustainable version of the popular condiment. Noyster Sauce is organic, soy free, gluten free and we use Scottish Seaweed rather than oysters to capture the taste of the sea.

Noyster Sauce is sweet, salty and savory, with a hint of seaweed. This sauce delivers the taste of the sea as an umami bomb. Noyster Sauce is versatile and tasty. It can be used as a dip, dressing, marinade or as an addition to stir-fries. One of the most flavorful ways to use Noyster Sauce is after the foods are done cooking. Drizzle some Noyster Sauce over the top and let it all soak in and run down the sides.

Noyster Sauce gives it a flavor you cannot get anywhere else. When you are sautéing your vegetables or greens, enrobe them in Noyster sauce and taste the difference.

It is best to store it in the fridge after opening.

Yes we can claim to have invented the World’s first Oyster Sauce Alternative from Scottish seaweed!

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