Your modern saucier, Sozyë, is the brainchild of our founder Jacob Thundil, who was on his own journey in trying to find kind and healthy alternatives without compromising on taste. Finding limited options in the market, he used his experience and passion for food and innovation, he took it upon himself to create a range of allergen-free, sustainably-brewed, tasty sauces.

“While experimenting to make a vegetarian stock, the savoury notes from a particular Scottish seaweed reminded me of fermented soya. This led me to carry out hundreds of kitchen trials to perfect the world’s first British-made soya sauce alternative. I am very happy with the results and hope you will support our mission to brew delicious sauces which are kind to the planet and to you" Jacob Thundil, Founder - Sozyë

Join us on our mission to shake up the sauce aisle and introduce the world to a new way of brewing sauces without compromises.