What Is Soya Sauce?

A traditional soya sauce is made by fermenting soya beans and salt some contains wheat, e numbers sometimes even MSG or mushroom extracts. It’s used extensively in Asian dishes, and it’s praised for its robust umami flavor. We found a healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable way to enjoy the delicious flavor of soya sauce.

Better Than Soya Sauce

What’s better than soya sauce? According to the Great Taste 2021 judges, Noya sauce! Sozye’s Noya sauce is an soya sauce alternative that contains pure clean ingredients with a savoury, sweet and salty taste. This flavor bomb is organic certified, vegan, gluten-free, and soya-free. This is truly clean eating at its finest!

Our Noya sauce is a easy to use condiment you will want to have handy for so many of your recipes. Simply substitute a like for life quantity of soya sauce with Noya sauce. It brings that savory umami flavor profile to any dish you decide to adorn it with. Noya sauce can be used in marinades, stir-fries, salad dressings, dips and more. You are only limited by your imagination!

If you want to kick any of your favorite recipes up a notch, Noya sauce is a must for your condiment cabinet. Let this rich dark sauce enrobe whatever you’re cooking with, and add unparalleled umami goodness to the dish. This one-of-a-kind sauce is a feast for the senses. On the nose, it has the scent of soya sauce, but on the tongue, it dances a fine line between savoriness, sweetness and salty umami. Simple ingredients like coconut sap, vinegar, and seaweed come together in this sauce to form a complex layer of flavors that reveal themselves in the most delightfully balanced way. Once you try Noya sauce you won’t be able to go back to just any old sauce.

Why Noya Sauce?

Sozye Noya sauce is not only a cleaner healthier soya sauce alternative to traditional soya sauce, but it’s also kinder to our planet. Sustainably sourced Scottish seaweed is what we use to capture all of the umami. Even when we harvest the seaweed it’s done with the utmost care to ensure that it regrows within a matter of weeks.

Noya sauce doesn’t contain any preservatives or any common allergen-causing foods like soya. Many sauces on supermarket shelves today rely heavily on soya. Farming soybeans has proven to have a devastating effect on the environment. Sozye's plant-based soya sauce alternative doesn’t compromise flavor, the environment, or your health. All for Sozye and Sozye for all!